Aquabats Swim School offers baby swim, learn to swim and basic stroke correction classes:


Baby Swim

These classes are offered in the mornings and cater for babies from 8-36 months. Lessons are fun and interactive and a parent or capable childminder is required to be in the pool with the child.  Popular tunes and rhymes such as "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Humpty Dumpty" can all be heard in a typical baby swim class.  Babies are NOT drown proofed as was done in the past, but rather taught to appreciate and enjoy their experience in the water.  Babies are taught how to kick and move their arms in order to propel themselves through the water.  "Falling in" and turning around to swim back again is part of the routine in every lesson.

Once they have achieved a number of criteria, they progress to the "Learn to Swim" programme.

Classes are offered weekdays only

Learn to Swim

These classes are offered in the afternoons and teach children how to swim and move safely through the water.  Parents are not in the water with their child at this level and with a thorough 15 minute routine, most chldren learn to swim unassisted within 6-12 months of being on this programme.

Once the child has mastered moving safely through the water, we recommend they take a break from swim lessons and enj

oy the freedom of being able to play in the water in their own environments.

Although many of our pupils on the "Learn to Swim" programme are already starting to learn the basic strokes, we recommend they wait until they are 5 - 5,5 years old.

Classes are offered weekdays only

Stroke Correction

Ideally a child is ready to learn strokes from the age of 5 - 5,5 and we try not to emphasise it too much earlier than this.  In our stroke correction classes, we break the 4 basic strokes down into different swim drills emphasising the kicking, arms and breathing techniques of each stroke.

Once the pupils have a basic idea of all the strokes and can swim at least 2 lengths (16m) comfortably of each stroke, we recommend they move on to a bigger pool (25m).

Classes are offered weekdays only


Holiday Clinics

Our 3/4 day swim clinics are offered in the April, June-July, Sept - Oct & Dec-Jan school holidays.  The clinics are a great opportunity for children aged 2 years upwards who need a little encouragement or additional assistance with their strokes.